Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some new developments to review and report, regarding this weekends USGP: First off, Finnish Rookie Mika Kallio, who has impressed in his first year in the highest rank, will not be in attendance of the USGP, after suffering a severe abrasion to his left ring finger. Said injury occured during the last few laps of the Assen TT, while running in the 6th position. Joked the Finn, "maybe better to cut it off!". No replacement was made regarding Kallio's steed...but who would want to? The works Ducati itself is a total bitch, and I'm no expert, but I'd be willing to bet that the satellite Duck is even worse. Though, surely, if given the chance, and being that he is here in America anyway, Chaz"Nasty"Davies would give her twirl...
On the Honda side of the equation, it was annonced this week that JiR/Scot/Honda rider Yuki Takahashi would be "taking a break" and/or returning to the 250cc class, after the Italian satellite made the suprise addition of Gabor Talmacsi at the Catalan round. Though not offically confirmed, it is highly rumored to be because of Honda's inability to provide JiR/Scot with the extra two bikes needed to campaign two riders, and that Honda would be more than happy to see Takahashi carry the flag of The Land of the Rising Sun in the 250cc sector. Sounds to me like the real reason is that Gabor ponied up more coin than Takahashi did for the ride, therefore...politics reared it's ugly head once again in the motorsport arena, much like the F1 side of the business...but that is a whole 'nother story, on a whole 'nother blog...one I'm not interested in butchering...Hell, who knows, maybe Eccelstone would see it and sue me for using the names "F1" and "Formula One" without asking permission...Now THAT would be a story, folks...

That's enough of my banter, and, until next time, Keep It Fresh, Dogs!


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